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A Brief Bio of Laurel Blechman

Fred Fixler sketch of Laurel

Laurel's Bio

"If it takes doing 100,000 drawings to get to the good ones, you'd better get started."
- Fred Fixler

When I was a classical musician, I used to do art for relaxation - those days are gone.


After trying several different art instructors, I was lucky enough to find Fred Fixler.


Beyond being astounded by his drawing skills, his practical approach to teaching art really struck a cord with my own musical training. As a professional illustrator, Fred's working methods (and now our's) were very simailar to Norman Rockwell's (also a former student at the Art Student's League in NY).

We do extensive research, where my background in costuming often comes in handy. ( I make Glen build the props.) Our back room is a melange of costumes, props (anyone need a Galatus helmet?), scrap files & my old comic book collection.

My first artistic influences were the decorative styles of artists like Aubrey Beardsley and Alphonse Mucha and the bold compositions of the early poster artists like Ludwig Hohlwein.


Any partial list of major art influences would definitely include James Bama, Mead Schaefer, Bernini, Ingres, and 50's & 60's illustrators like Coby Whitmore and Al Parker who pushed the compostional envelope.


And for great compostions you can't beat old black & white film noir and classic Westerns-- at least that's what I have told my students.


Partial client list

DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Berkley Books, Scholastic Books, 20th Century Fox, Bic, Penzoil, Screen Writers Guild, California Bar Association

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